Friday, September 28, 2007

Two-Headed Turtle Goes on Display in Pa.

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NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) - A two-headed turtle captured by a turtle collector is a rare example of a conjoined-twin birth, its owner said.

The turtle would have likely died in the wild because it swims awkwardly and would be an easy target for predators, according to Jay Jacoby, manager of Big Al's Aquarium Supercenter in East Norriton.

The store bought the tiny turtle from the collector for an undisclosed price and will keep it on display, he said.

The 2-month-old turtle, known as a red-eared slider, fits on a silver dollar. It has two heads sticking out from opposite ends of its shell, along with a pair of front feet on each side. But there is just one set of back feet and one tail.

The turtle is seemingly healthy, and the species can live 15 to 20 years, Jacoby said. The turtle has not yet been named.

The same exotic-turtle collector sold another Big Al's store a conjoined-twin turtle about 20 years ago, Jacoby said. The man lives in Florida, but he declined to identify him.

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Russian woman gives birth to 17lb child

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A Siberian woman who gave birth to her 12th child - doing more than her fair share to stem Russia's population decline - was stunned to find that little Nadia weighed in at a massive 17.1 lb (7.75kg).

Nadia was delivered by caesarean section in the local maternity hospital in the Altai region on September 17, joining eight sisters and three brothers, a local reporter said


"We were all simply in shock," said Nadia's mother, Tatyana Barabanova, 43. "What did the father say? He couldn't say a thing - he just stood there blinking."

"I ate everything, we don't have the money for special foods so I just ate potatoes, noodles and tomatoes," she told the reporter, adding that all her previous babies had weighed more than 5 kg.


The Guinness World Records lists a 10.2 kg baby boy born in Italy in 1955, and a 10.8 kg baby boy who was born in the United States in 1879 but died 11 hours later.

The average weight for most healthy newborn babies is around 7.06 lb,
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Vulnerability of the power grid

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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Researchers who launched an experimental cyber attack caused a generator to self-destruct, alarming the federal government and electrical industry about what might happen if such an attack were carried out on a larger scale, CNN has learned.

Sources familiar with the experiment said the same attack scenario could be used against huge generators that produce the country's electric power.

Economist Scott Borg, who produces security-related data for the federal government, projects that if a third of the country lost power for three months, the economic price tag would be $700 billion.

"It's equivalent to 40 to 50 large hurricanes striking all at once," Borg said. "It's greater economic damage than any modern economy ever suffered. ... It's greater then the Great Depression. It's greater than the damage we did with strategic bombing on Germany in World War II."

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Kitten With Two Faces

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A newborn kitten recently entered the world with two faces and, hopefully, at least nine lives. Gemini was born Sunday with two mouths, two tongues, two noses and four eyes.

June 16: Gemini, a kitten with two faces, was born Sunday, June 12, 2005, in Glide, Ore.

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No Child Left Inside

Dear Friend,

I thought you might be interested in speaking up to your Members of Congress about the "No Child Left Inside Act," a new bill to increase environmental education.

Find out more from the National Wildlife Federation, an organization concerned about the growing disconnect between America's children and the outdoors.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Help Make the Energy Bill Clean and Green!

Dear Friend,

This summer, there were two major victories in the fight to reduce global warming pollution. In June the Senate passed an Energy Bill requiring automobiles go farther on a tank of gas. And in August the House passed an Energy Bill requiring electric utilities to obtain more power from clean, renewable sources-such as the wind and sun.

Unfortunately, while Congress was taking its August recess, the auto industry was working hard to undermine these important victories. Now we need to counter their voice in Congress with our own!

That's why I just wrote to my members of Congress reminding them that I support a clean Energy Bill with strong standards for fuel economy and renewable energy!

Will you join me? Just click the link below to write your members of Congress today!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Whitewater Swimming

Whitewater Swimming
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I have never seen a pool like this before. Must be cool to swim in it.