Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wildlife Conservation

Dear Larisa,

"It's the most important wildlife conservation legislation in history," said John Kostyack, NWF's wildlife policy expert.

"Really?" I could see this question in the eyes of many in the room.

Could this new global warming bill--the Climate Security Act--really be as big as the Endangered Species Act...or the Clean Water Act...or the Clean Air Act? How?

"Well," said John, "Global warming has the potential to wipe out all of the conservation victories of the last century."

Endangered wildlife on the road to recovery could face new challenges as global warming alters their habitat and way of life. Waters that we once fought to protect could dry up from extreme drought.

This is why passing the Climate Security Act is the #1 priority for the National Wildlife Federation.

This bill, introduced in the Senate by Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and John Warner (R-VA), will be voted on in the next few months.

Not only does the Climate Security Act take big steps to cut the pollution that causes global warming, it also provides billions of dollars to help wildlife survive a changing climate.

The National Wildlife Federation will be working on all fronts to pass this legislation. And we are going to need your help in getting this done!

Please stay tuned to find out more about the Act and how you can be a part of the campaign. Together we can make a difference and protect America's wildlife and wild places.


Kristin Johnson
Grassroots Mobilization Coordinator
National Wildlife Federation
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