Thursday, June 2, 2011

Making a fresh start

I have written before that i want to go back to college. I know I said that I wanted it to be fashion desine, but after a lot of debates with my mother I have decided that it's going to be computer repaire. Plus no one called me back from the college I wanted to go to originally. So today I was looking into the University of Phoenix, unfortunately for me they don't have the courses that I want to take. I must admit I am disappointed I was waiting forward to going to this school, but it's not a big deal tomorrow I will look into Mesa College. I just hope it's not going to be too far after all I will have to take a bus.

Update on June 3 5:29 pm: The City College is not far away so I will be able to get there by bus.

A couple of weeks ago my sister has bought a new car and finally today they have cleaned the old one out so it can be taken back to the dealership. Well not taken back, I have called in today as a favor to my sister for the car to be picked up. There is supposed to be a call from the dealership or who ever is going to be picking up the car. It was supposed to be today or tomorrow. Someone did call today, but the call didn't connect properly so I didn't hear anyone on another end. I tried to call the number, but all I got is the number can't be completed as dialed. My mother thought it was regarding a car for some odd reason it had really pieced me off how she said it. I told her in not such a nice terms that I don't think they would be calling from the number that can't be called back. I should really do something about my temper.
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