Saturday, December 31, 2011

We won!

Here is an email that I got today.


Molly again, with huge news:

Verizon just announced that it's not going to charge customers a fee to pay our bills online.

Two nights ago, I started a petition on telling Verizon that it can't nickel and dime customers like me with new fees. Within hours, more than 130,000 of us signed the petition. (Thanks, by the way -- you're amazing!)

It took months of hard work to get Bank of America to drop its $5 debit card fee, but Verizon backed down in less than 24 hours. Turns out people like you and me are getting more powerful by the day.

Congrats, and happy New Year!

- Molly

P.S. The team asked me to remind you that it's super easy to change something in your community. You can start your own petition in about 2 minutes -- just click here

. (Seriously, you should do it. Do it!)

P.P.S. Hundreds of media outlets covered our impact together. This story

is on the front page of the Washington Post this morning, and this story

ran on ABC News last night!
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