Friday, April 27, 2012

Fourth day of Packing

Today my grandparents have come to help with the move. I have helped securing fragile items so they would not break during the move after I was done I have stayed near the car while boxes where being loaded in. Not to be bored I have done some stretching exercise. After that I was asked to look for the movers on I at first have refused, because lost time we where moving I had looked for the movers. I had found people, who where willing to help for a very good price, with whom I had made arrangement. At the least possible minuet I was told that Susan had already hired people and a car to do it. I had to call the people with whom I have made an arrangement to cancel it. It had been very embarrassing for me and I had no desire to be in the same situation again. After my mother had insured me that it will not happen this time I have started calling movers that would have the suitable price, but found no one. Susan however did so we will be moving tomorrow at 11:00 am. I still have some things that I need to be boxed, but not that much I am sure that I will have plenty of time for it tomorrow. There is just somethings that are on my desk and some things that are in the closet.
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