Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today I had been filling blue. Had to practically force myself to take a shower. To lift up my mood I have decided to try out the new lotion and perfume that I got in the Testtube. The sad thing no one has even noticed. After the shower the time came to walk the dogs. After the walk I have checked the mail. I have gotten the letter from Transunion saying that Barclays, the bank wanted me to pay them for something that I have already payed them for, is not going to be taken of off my credit report until July 2015. By the time I have finely made a call to fined out what to do about it, it was time to walk the dogs again. Since I was still on the phone my mother had gone dog walking without me. I had caught up with them when they where half way home. When we got home mother had offered to watch one of the movies that we had taped. The first choice had fallen on The Funny Chronicles of a Dangerous Voyage, but after an opening seen we had remembered that this is the movie that we had tried to watch before, but it wasn't very good. The second choice had fallen on to The Winter Tango. It is a very interesting movie. It had made me completely forget about my blues. I would definitely recommend to watch it.
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