Sunday, September 23, 2012


About a week ago my toilet got clogged. I had called the manger Neil Murphy, but he didn't pick up the phone. I have left a message telling him about a problem on his work and cell phone. Soon he called me and said that plumber  is going to be at my apartment in an hour or two. When no one has came I had called him again and once again he didn't pick up the phone. I had left him a massage and he had called me back. This time he said that plumber is going to be from 6:30 or 7:00. When no one came at 7:00 I had called the manager once again and once again he didn't pick up. This time I had to leave more that one message before the plumber did come. A shortly after that the manager called to ask if the plumber had arrived after hearing the reassuring yes he had hanged up the phone.

Today the toilet is clogged again. I had called the manager at 9:58, left him a massage. He had not called back yet. My mother had called my grandfather to help unclog the toilet. He head out right a way and he is here already. The manager has not called yet.

Update 10:46pm: The manager did call eventually. He said that the plumber is going to come tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
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