Sunday, June 1, 2014

I am very proficient when it comes to taking "crazy" chances. When it comes to sound principle, it leaves a lot to be desired, that is because being impartial seems to take back seat when I get excited or emotional.

I have ordered shirts that I really liked. I was supposed to receive them yesterday, but all I got is email from UPS that no one was home at the time of delivery and that the package will be redelivered next day. I had logged in to see if the address the delivery was made to was correct, but was unable to find this information. I have been waiting till 2:00, but package never arrived. Once again I had gone to UPS website to see what is going on. From website I have learned that the package was delivered to my old address at 1:50, which is kind of odd since I am sure I gave them my new address. When I called UPS to find out what to do I was told to call Sears to get them to start investigation. I called Sears. After I was finely connected to a live person and explained what happened I was told to go and get my package from the people who signed for it when delivery was made. I had explained that I don't know thous people, that I doubt that they will open the door for me if I come, and if he can't help me I will call my credit card to get refund. As soon as I said that he changed his tone and said he will start investigation and that UPS will keep me updated. I hope the problem will be resolved soon.

Update May 22: I called Sears three times today, but the phone keeps disconnecting ( I would hate to think they are hanging up on me.) I will try house phone instead of my cell.

On the fourth coll a very pleasant woman picked up the phone. After talking to the management she said I will be refunded in 7 to 10 business days.

I just noticed that I have an email from Sears. The good news is I was refunded. The bad new for only one shirt.

I had called there again and told that the second shirt will be refunded as well. Just checked my email again. The entire amount was refunded. - West Hills - Canoga Park, CA | Yelp

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