Thursday, February 18, 2016


When doing homework with my nieces I understand how difficult it was for my mother when she was doing homework with me. I was not one of the brightest students in school. My grades were awful. I was not paying attention when my mother was explaining to me how to do something which was very frustrating for her. She would end up calling my grandmother for help. Grandmother was able to get just as far as my mother when it came to explaining homework to me. It didn't matter which subject was at hand. I was equally horrible at them all. Only now that I am the one that is helping to do homework, instead of being helped, do I understand how difficult it has been for my mother. Explaining something that seems a simple task over and over is very tiring. I really felt like giving up today and am glad that I didn't. I feel that Ariyana has done a good job today. She is a smart girl, she just has trouble staying within lines when writing.
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