Friday, April 12, 2013

Say Cheese

My sister had promised me she will take me to Post Office yesterday so I can have my picture taken for the passport, but we had a bit of disagreement and my grandparents ended up taking me there. When we got there it turned out that no one know where the key is so they can't take a picture. I was asked to wait until Michelle comes back. After waiting for what seems forever my grandmother said that we should go to the Post Office that is on El Cajon Boulevard. At El Cajon Post Office I was told that they don't take passport pictures there and I should go to near by Rite Aid. At Rite Aid I finally had my picture taken. When I came home I had told my mother about everything that has happened, but my sister had to give her 5 cents. We again had a disagreement and I told her that I will not be doing any more favors for her. She told me she didn't care and that I should not threaten her. Guess what happened that night. My mother had come to ask me to print out some important documents for my sister. At firsts I had refused, but after my mother had explained how important the documents were I have decided that it was just one of the times when I should be forgiving so I have printed it out for her.
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