Monday, February 11, 2008

Cincinnati, Ohio: Police GPS Tracking Device Found on Activist's Car

I don't see how calling police pigs is going to resolve the issue.
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Around 11:30pm last night (2/7/08), local Cincinnati, Ohio, Earth First organizer Marie Mason was terrorized by local police after her 16-year-old daughter discovered a plainclothes pig fumbling underneath the backside of her car. He showed his badge and claimed to be searching for prowlers. A short time later the same plainclothes officer--accompanied by a uniformed officer--was found attempting to enter the front door of the home without knocking. When confronted they exited the house and claimed the reason why they were looking under the car is to see if her catalytic converter was stolen. They soon left.
Marie has been harassed (she has been raided by federal agents in the past) by the FBI for over a year, repeatedly refusing their requests to discuss Midwest ELF actions.
Obviously this is ongoing and more information will be added as it becomes available.
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