Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Regaining Faith

Only when we realize love from the other side,
Do we learn to give the love we try so hard to hide,
When we embrace the soul of light that's waiting for us there,
We find a love so pure, divine, that goes beyond compare,
It touches us in places and stirs the inner fires,
Healing soul and spirit, fullfilling all desires,
The part we left so long ago, the one who's love is true,
The one who weeps with sorrow while waiting there for you.
Living in the moment is the hardest thing to do,
Letting go of all the past that keeps on haunting you,
Not looking towards the future, with trembling fear and dread,
Silencing those voices that keep screaming in your head.
Faith does not come naturally to those upon the earth,
For sorrow, pain, and sadness has stalked us since our birth,
Making sure to rip away the fabric of our soul,
Leaving us to wonder if we ever can be whole.

Innocence is quickly lost within the wheels of time,
We learn when we are very young, there's no reason or rhyme,
To all the madness and deciet that slashes at our skin,
We know that there was once much more, but can't remember when.
Hearts once full of light and love close up and turn to stone,
Locked tight behind our man made walls, we feel so alone,
No longer able to reach out into the misty gray,
All feelings stay hidden inside in hopes they'll go away.
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